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Filename: OWSjournal.cgi
Language: Perl

A web-based journal with extensive personalizations for look & feel, OWSjournal is designed to install simply and to provide a comfortable interface for non-technical journal authors. The webmaster makes no changes to the script in order to install in the target environment. Multiple journals on the same website are accommodated by installing copies of the CGI script under different names. The end user (author) can specify:

  • Background color/graphic
  • Date display
  • Date color
  • Display sequence (normal/reverse)
  • Entries grouping
  • Font
  • Font size
  • Relative path to the journal directory (supplied by webmaster)
  • Separator between entries
  • Style – full pathname to stylesheet (supplied by webmaster)
  • Text color
  • Title
Installation Procedure: Refer to readme.txt in the zip file.


  The user can preview changes in the preview window before making them permanent. The result is a highly personalized journal which integrates into the user’s website look and feel.
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