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Filename: OWScgen.cgi
Language: Perl

This short script will generate a photo gallery web page with optional captions. The viewer can click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture.

Installation Procedure:

  • Unzip the download file
  • Edit the following lines:
    • $tbrows - specify the number of pictures per row
    • $stylesheet - pathname of stylesheet or null
    • $bgcolor - specify background color as #NNNNNN
    • $jpeg - the picture extension, default .jpg
    • $text - the caption file extension, default .txt
    • $pwidth - the width of thumbnails & caption in pixels
    • $textcolor - specify text color as #NNNNNN
  • The script assumes perl is in /usr/bin. Change line 1 if necessary.
  • Upload the script to your cgi-bin directory.
  • Set permissions to 755.
  • You're done!

<a href="http://your.domain/cgi-bin/OWScgen.cgi?location">
where "location" is the path to the picture directory.



Image Gallery
  The script will generate a table of thumbnail pictures. For each picture it finds in the specified directory, OWScgen will look for a caption file, identified by the same basename as the picture with the $text extension.
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